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Hundreds of Pastor Jim's message series have been made available to Right Start's audience for free online listening. To listen online, click on any message title to navigate to the online player. If you would like to purchase the individual messages or message series on CD, please call +1 (800) 984-2313.

God's Plan: As Revealed Through Prophecy (Series Album)

This 10-message series from Pastor Jim consists of the following titles:

  1. God's Plan: Setting The Stage
  2. God's Plan: The End Of The Age
  3. God's Plan: Daniel's 70th Week Prophecy
  4. God's Plan: The Olivet Discourse
  5. God's Plan: Time Of Jacob's Trouble
  6. God's Plan: The Mystery - The Church
  7. God's Plan: The Antichrist
  8. God's Plan: Woman, Child, Dragon
  9. Resurrections and Judgements
  10. God's Plan: The Conclusion

This series can be purchased as a CD boxed set for $49 by calling +1 (800) 984-2313, and of course you can always listen to the individual messages online or download them for free.


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