On The Broadcast: Thursday, February 29th

Does the message of grace make people careless? Sometimes it does. By chapter 12 the author of Hebrews has made his main point: It's absurd to go back to the Law and works-righteousness - a system that did not work. The Jewish Christians needed to go forward in faith. But, as we know, that can sometimes feel like there are no guardrails. The writer reminds us that we're still dealing with the same God; the holy one! Here's Jim to conclude, Graced to be Gracious.

On the current broadcast, you are invited to listen to part 3 of 3 of Pastor Jim's message entitled Graced To Be Gracious from the series God's Ultimatum. Open your Bible to Hebrews 12:7; 12:14-24 and follow along, or click on the scripture reference to read along with Pastor Jim online.

You can purchase a copy of today's message, unsegmented for broadcasting and in its entirety, for just $7 on a single CD, and for a limited time you can order the complete series, God's Ultimatum, on a set of 39 CDs for the special price of just $135. Just give us a call at +1 (800) 984-2313. This special offer ends Monday, March 18th. And of course you can always listen online or download any of Pastor Jim's messages for free.

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