Prophecy (Paperback)

Things To Come
Author: James L. Boyer

Prophecy: Things To Come

This is a carefully prepared, well-developed study guide covering the major topics of Bible prophecy with clear terminology and helpful outlines. Past prophecies, future prophecies, and "You in Prophecy" are discussed. In addition, a helpful chapter on "Prophetic Teaching: Its Practical Values" is included.

Boyer, James L.

Boyer, James L.

Dr. James L. Boyer (1911-2003) taught Greek and New Testament at Grace Theological Seminary, Winona Lake, Ind. from 1952 until his retirement in 1976. He authored For a World Like Ours: Studies In I Corinthians and produced chronological charts on the intertestamental period and the New Testament.

Dr. Boyer attended Ashland College, Ashland Theological Seminary, Bonebrake Theological Seminary (BD), Oberlin School of Theology (STM, 1942), Grace Theological Seminary (Th.D., 1952), and the Professorial Workshop in Israel of New York University. He also served for one term as resident director of the Near East School of Archaeology in Jerusalem.

Paperback, 230 pages


ISBN: 0-88469-006-7