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Over 600 of Pastor Jim's messages have been made available to Right Start's audience for free online listening or for purchase as CDs and MP3 downloads. Unlike the daily Right Start Radio broadcasts which have been broken into parts for daily airing, these are the full-length, "commercial-free" versions.

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Title Catalog Number Scripture References Series Listen
The Serpent And The Seed -II Firm Foundations
The Woman And The Curse Firm Foundations
Till You Return Unto The Ground Firm Foundations
God's Grace For Repentant Sinners Firm Foundations
The Heart Of The Problem Firm Foundations
A Tale Of Two Lamechs Firm Foundations
The Reasons For The Flood Firm Foundations
Walking With God Firm Foundations
The Waters Of The Flood Firm Foundations
God's Commands Never Change Firm Foundations
Babel: The Great Confusion Firm Foundations
The Test Of Faith
Go To Gilgal
God Owns It All
Separation From Evil
The Meaning Of Mt. Moriah
The Day Of Reckoning - Part 2 The Judgment Seat Of Christ
The Day Of Reckoning - Part 1 The Judgment Seat Of Christ
He Shall Suffer Loss The Judgment Seat Of Christ
What We Will Lose The Judgment Seat Of Christ


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