The Days of Noah: Apocalypse

For 7 years a Chinese-Turkish expedition team has conducted desperate investigation and research over the adverse surroundings of Mt. Ararat in Turkey, which is the anchoring site of the Noah's Ark as described in the Bible. Hunting for the Noah's Ark, this international team climbed the mountain again in 2009, excavating deep inside the glacier at an elevation of over 4,000m, successfully uncovered and entered a massive wood structure.

"If the ark of Noah is discovered, it will be the greatest archaeological find in human history, the greatest event since the resurrection of Christ, and it would alter the currents of scientific thought."

-Dr. Mellville Bell Grovesnor, president of National Geographic Society and Editor of National Geographic Magazine

Is it real? Or Fake? An exceedingly controversial finding that can rewrite human history is revealed. Press conferences are held in Hong Kong, Beijing and Holland to announce the stunning news in 2010, entailing a great rave of shock all around the world. Accordingly the expedition team shared their exceptional experience in Australia, Korea, the US, Canada, China, Malaysia, and the reports have been among the Ten Most Viewed archaeological news of National Geographic in 2010. In August 2011, the documentary movie, "The Days of Noah – Apocalypse" is ready for screening worldwide. Our first stop is the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, second at the Hong Kong Asiaworld-Arena Hall, and third at the Taipei International Convention Center. We now invite you to come and decide for yourself this major mystery of the century.