Listening for the Shout to Unleash Heaven's Invasion!

Blessed New Year! 

For months I have wanted to gift this pamphlet, "Behold, the Bridegroom Cometh!" into your hands. I hope you will read/share it today. It offers a helpful biblical explanation about the rapture experience to encourage our patience as we 'wait His appearing’. The next major event in God's timetable is the sudden, global snatch of the true followers of Jesus from earth to Home.

We live in the days when biblical prophecies are flooding our news sources:
         the growing war in the Middle East;
                the focus on the city/temple in Jerusalem;
                         the multiple disasters which are "the most powerful in recorded history"
                                 and the push for global economic and government controls
                                                - just to name a few. 

I urge you to "search the Scriptures daily" to keep perspective for these 'over the cliff' events.

Starting in January, Right Start broadcasts will center on recent studies in the book of the Revelation. These 26 CDs are now available as a set for your personal study. I hope they provide refreshingly clear insights into "The Road God Has Chosen to Eternity." You may be amazed at how much God has sharedabout His plans.

Because of your gracious prayers and gifts, we finished 2012 'in the black' - and we thank you for your partnership. Among the changes which are sweeping across our nation is accelerated resistance to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We should neither be surprised or discouraged by this trend which God clearly prophesied in the Scriptures. Your prayerful support fuels the broadcasts which share our Father's promises for the needs of those who listen. May His Spirit germinate His Truth and make our efforts fruitful for His glory.

Isn't it exciting that we, like David, can face all uncertain times with peaceful confidence because….
                "The Lord is my Shepherd [therefore]….
                                * I will not lack anything     
                                                * I will fear no evil...
                                                                        *Goodness and mercy shall overtake me all the days of my life…
                                                                                          * I will dwell in the House of the Lord forever!"
                Who could ask for anything more than that?  What a career path - what a Destiny!!!!

Listening for the Shout to unleash Heaven's Invasion,

Pastor Jim Custer

For The Right Start Team